Day Two

The second day of dropping smoking worked out to be much like the first day.  The only major difference is that the long and extreme craving came a couple hours later than it did the day before. 
Nicorette quick mist is still very, very disgusting! I’m not going to lie. Reading the package it suggests that I take a shot with every craving, twice if the craving does not subside.  It also says not to exceed sixty-four sprays in 24 hours.   Thankfully I have only taken it twice.  That shit is nasty!  Instead of waterboarding, the CIA should use that to get terrorists to talk. 
I thing the most exciting thing about this adventure is the NicoDerm enhanced dreams.  It feels like I’m not sleeping over night, but off on various adventures.  Yet, I wake up fully rested.  I could write a book on my adventures. Or at least a couple posts…. Coming soon. 

I think I did a good job maintaining my temper on the second day… I wonder if that will remain true on the third?

That’s my update for now. They say if you can make three days you’re set. I’m 66.666 % there. 

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