WrestleMania 31 – Tonight on PPV

Today Is WWE’s PPV WrestleMania, The Biggest night in Sports Entertainment!  Although I no longer follow wrestling, and haven’t in many years, I still remember how excited I got come this time of year.  Often we would head downtown to a sports bar to watch the show.

I think I may order the PPV this year and watch it with my boy.  I was about his age when I was a hardcore fan.  Raw is War on Monday nights always had my attention, I would drop everything for that show.

Ahhh the good ol’ days!

I thought it would be cool to share all of the past WrestleMania posters, these images are courtesy of WWE.com.  Hope they don’t mind.  You can see that Hulk Hogan was really the only thing that drove the then WWF for many years.  Enjoy!

WrestleMania 31 is today 7 PM Eastern

Bye-Bye Windows 8!  This is the last post ever created on Solitary Views using Microsoft Windows anything!  Anything windows is now banished. 

My World is now completely submerged in Apple everything. 
 …Right down to the rechargeable AA batteries!

Broken windows details coming soon…


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