100 Personal Laws to live by: #83 – 94 (In Progress)

The world changes everyday, sometimes changes are for the good… Sometimes good things are lost. 

So may things have changed over the years… Look back, every generation lives by their own rule book. 

It’s important as people, we hold on to some class! 

Newtons Laws guided the science world and set a precedent for the basis of a lot of different things. 

Gibbs (NCIS) has a set of rules he, and his team, live by. (TV would never lie, rules must be important) 

Let this inspire us, let us create a new set of laws enforced by a personal thought.  

Please comment or email me if you would like to suggest a “law” for the list. 
Everybody has at least one golden rule.. What’s yours? 

#100 – Always be yourself, you look like an idiot when you try to be somebody you are not. 

… It’s like B.O. You can’t always smell your own! 

#99 – No means No

… Need I say more? 

#98 – If your relationship needs to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it. 

… Yes this includes neighbours and coworkers… Sorry. 

#97 – Always have a wish ready incase you see a shooting star. 

… Can’t hurt, right? 

#96 – Practice Random acts of kindness.  

… Karma’s a Bitch! 

#95. – Leave the Drama for TV. 

… Some people just can’t get enough. 

Part Two:

#94 – If you OPEN it…. CLOSE it.

#93 – If you turn it ON – Turn it OFF

#92 – If you UNLOCK it… LOCK it. 

#91 – If you MOVE it… Put it BACK.

#90 – If it belongs to SOMEONE ELSE and you want it, ASK

#89 – If you BORROW it…. RETURN it.

#88 – If you USE it… Take CARE of it.

#87 – If you BREAK it… REPAIR it.

#86 – If you can’t FIX it… REPLACE it.

#85 – If you do not know how to OPERATE it… LEAVE IT alone.

#84 – If you MESS it up… CLEAN it up.

#83 – If it will BRIGHTEN someone’s day…. SAY IT. 


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