Siri, Give us a hint!

It is that time of year again….  It’s APPLE TIME!
“Siri, Give us a hint.”

For the record, I have asked Siri for a hint multiple times,  She basically told me… No!

Iphone 6S or 7 is pretty much a sure bet,  Maybe a new Apple TV,  and there is always “One more thing!”

It has been said that apple protects its secrets better than the CIA,  The only things that get leaked are those that Tim Cook wants out there.  It is entirely reasonable to assume that Apple has a facility set up for any employee that squeals… A place much darker than Guantanamo Bay.

My iPhone is ready for an upgrade,  I have no doubt that electronics now-a-days are made to begin acting up around the 2 year mark.  Battery drains faster, the phone gets slower,  and there is always one other random piss off in the mix too. in my case it is weak cell signal even when I stand directly beside a cellphone tower.  …Funny it only started a few months ago. Hmmmmm

No matter, Apple will rectify that very soon with the Apple Special Event on September 9th,  Soon I will find out the specs for my New iPhone, hopefully 7. (I have a “S” now, don’t really want another one…)

P.s. Samsung sucks!  
P.p.s. Ask Siri to “Divide 0 by 0” 


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