I have a fairly large number of draft posts. It is not completely unheard of, to start writing something and never finish it, nor to start writing something and realize it completely sucks mid point. It is not unheard of for me to do-so anyway…

But the question becomes… to delete or not to delete?

Maybe I could copy and paste some all of them here…Nah, then that would just show you my broken and unfinished thoughts…Ahh what the hell? It’s not like anything I write makes sense anyway.

What ever you do, try not to follow along. This is the only way to achieve a fresh start…

Every paragraph is a different (draft) post that was barely started, never finished, and never posted…

The first time, in forty-four

I sincerely enjoy automatic things. If you have a look around Solitary Views, you may notice a few new things. Good Reads, for example, has some widgets that are now included. It is my opinion; if one wants to be a writer, one must first be a reader. Have a look at the widgets, you can see what I am up to and maybe even join in. My goal: read 10 books this year. It is rather lax, But I do not exactly have a lot of times on my hands.

It is that time of year again… It is time to pumpkin spice…. Pumpkin spice everything!

There is no shortage on pumpkin anything this time of year, You can get pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced M&Ms, Pumpkin spiced donuts and muffins, if you can think it up, chances are you can pumpkin it! Don’t laugh, someone somewhere spices up some weird shit… you know they do.

I DID IT! I managed to get my wife away from Samsung, and get her back where she belongs. APPLE.

Hope NASA did not mess up those calculations…

But it’s totally cool– it’s going to miss by 300,000 miles. http://cnn.it/1NYXnJT

Posted by CNN on Saturday, October24, 2015

Time, I do not have a lot of this… I try to make more of it; afterwards, I tend to find I have less of it…

Is it even possible to suffer from four year writers block??

Donald Trump is coming…Don’t panic! ….Maybe we should panic…

Never have I ever believed this to be so true. I have never seen a Government to blind to the people they serve.

I understand that Governments have agendas. That is the very footing of democracy, the will to get something done. Now I am a prime example of the saying ”you can’t please everybody”. But the current state of Canada’s union is spinning rapidly toward irreparable.

Well, Good… Now I can press Delete. I feel better, do you?


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