Twenty Sixteen

2016 – Is this the year that the history books will write… “it is not entirely sure what the fuck happened here, it is like the entire planet went bloody nuts!”

Donald Trump is on patch to become the next U.S. President. Unless of course, something comes out that will seriously knock him off the path. Do you think it is possible he was ever had sex with a goat? and somebody managed to get a picture of it?

Canada is not on a better footing by any means. Justin Trudeau uh seems to be uh getting some uh negative um press these uh days. But I must hand it to him, not every prime Minister gets to elbow a MP in the boob. Tell me, does that count as assault and sexual harassment?

2016 will also be remembered as the year Alberta burned to the ground. “the Beast” burned parts of Fort McMurray and managed to shut down the oil sands. But it will also be known as the fire that helped end the recession of the time. The fire has already helped raise the global price of oil. Although people at the moment are out of a home and out of work, that will soon come to an end. Jobs have already been created for clean up, restoration, and rebuilding. It is my opinion that that fire (as absolutely terrible as it is) will tremendously help Canada economy.

It is only May, I think we have a hell of a long way to go yet.

Russia seems to be up to something, the ‘buzzing’ of U.S. Ships are becoming frequent news. Perhaps the Russians see an opportunity to become the world leader?


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