Sherlock Holmes and the Cabaret

Spending some time at the theatre is a good way to temporarily disconnect from the woes and troubles of the world and take in a bit of old school live, on-stage entertainment. I have only gone a couple of times now, both with my wife. (she’s much more sophisticated than I am.)

First we went to see a play based on the 1972 film Cabaret, Sally Bowles is a fun character to follow. Never have I really been much of a fan of musicals, but this one has a fun story that pulls you right in. It helped that the play started off with a lot of energy. I think I will rent the movie tonight.

The other night we went to see Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, based on the original novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, It was rather quirky by design, but I thought the writer did a good job of working in comedy to the mysterious events throughout. It was fun watching only 5 actors play 30 different roles. Flawless performances were given, definitely worth a view if it comes to a theatre near you.

As a child in elementary school, I would check out the Hardy Boys books from the library frequently. I remember I would always try and figure out the mystery before the end of the book. I’m happy to report that I usually did. The Hardy Boys were pretty simple books to read. Really, mystery was the first books I ever finished cover-to-cover.

There is some sort of a different draw to live entertainment for me, it is much more appealing watching a performance that has not been edited to perfection. I really should get out more.


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