It is long past time for ISIS to be gone.

Somethings are long over due… I think it is time that NATO countries put down some boots and put ISIS to and end.

When good hard working people have to live in fear and looming doom, that in its self is a tragedy. When you can be killed for simply going out in public, that is a disgrace.

In London in recent weeks, many have had their lives changed forever. Many others have lost their lives all together. These people, only trying to have a good time and take in a concert, or visit the iconic London Bridge. This is just London, and this is just a couple weeks. Paris, United States, Canada, Russia, Iraq, Pakistan, siria and lots of other nations have been attacked, those citizens too unfairly targeted.

Terrorism is a nasty abuse of human power, one should never think they have the right to dictate beliefs or religious ideology. Everyone should have the right to be themselves and worship whichever God thy chose.

It is time to send the Worlds might down on top of terrorism. Swift steady motions, everyday until they have been eliminated once and for all.

My thoughts are with everyone that has had their lives disrupted by terrorism.


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