Video Games!

My kid has the game mastered, Factually, I regularly need to ask him for help. He knows all of the areas, all the weapons, all the villains, and where almost everything is hidden. He knows the game better than he knows the real world.

We had much discussion about the Nintendo switch before it was released last march, our household was felt great skepticism that the system would be any good. We recently upgraded the PlayStation with VR, and Microsoft had just come out with the Xbox one S. we honestly had trouble believing that Nintendo would put out a system that would compare with those advancements. We were wrong.

Zelda is a wicked game, a huge game. The world you explore is vast and transitions seamlessly. Shit is hidden everywhere!!

I have always liked the WWE video games. Although I stopped watching the events years ago, the games are always fun to play with other people. I have been playing them since the original PlayStation if I remember correctly. It took a while to find a copy, but I managed to grab WWE 2K18 for the switch today. Sadly it is subject to a big download that comes with most games these days.

The world is such a sensitive place these days… So I will likely get in trouble for saying this… but… I used to love playing the WWE games with my wife, before WWE put an end to Male VS. Female matches. She likes to kick my ass in the game, and I don’t think it is right she has to play a male character, especially when you can build your own. Either way she is still crazy good and I get an ass kicking.


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