Umm, Hello…

A fresh start is never a bad thing.  A fresh start is exactly what this is!

alone blue dawn dock
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The original Solitary Views was started way back in 2006 – when the blog scene really started to blossom.  Back then, the blog was hosted on Blogger before it was owned by the internet giant Google.  Solitary Views was a concept that I had a hard time letting go, yet a concept that I never really fully understood.

The website suffered probably hundreds of design changes from myself and probably a dozen or more scrub, wash, and restarts. Perhaps it was a testament of my inconsistencies, It was something I could never be satisfied with no matter how I tried.

In the beginning it was therapy for me being able to speak my mind and have a place to publish.  In it’s end it was ultimately abandoned but hard to let go of.   When I pulled the final pin on Solitary Views, I felt a void – something was missing…

Even though I am not the best or most reliable writer. I feel comforted knowing I have a place on the internet that is mine. A place that allows me to communicate directly in a purely raw and genuine format. There are many directions that I want to take this new place….

I will spend some time explaining the new name later.

It’s doubtful anyone is reading this yet, starting from scratch means no readers! That is something I will hopefully build over time…

Cheers to a new beginning.


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I started my first blog in 2006.

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