You're Fired! Clinton beats Trump

What would the world be like to day if I had written this a little over two years ago…

Hillary Clinton pulled off the win, Americans have chosen to break new ground this election and elect the first female U.S. President.

I’m a Canadian, so I did not get a vote in this election. But don’t for one second assume that it does not affect me. The balance of the world hinged on this one. I just hope that the balance of the scale has tipped the correct direction.

President Obama has certainly taken a few breaths of relief, his legacy should now remain much unscathed.

We also now need to come up with a title for Bill Clinton… First Man…. First Former President….. I am very confused.

In a little over a couple months, I imagine the Obama family will fly off on an epic family vacation, Donald Trump will remain a very loud Donald Trump, and President Clinton and Former President Clinton will spend some time dodging the FBI and DOJ. (Maybe, the FBI did tell everyone on November 6th that it once again concluded it’s investigation. no charges to be laid)

So what now? Donald Trump is going to certainly challenge the election results. Trump has said all along that the election is rigged. Do you think he will get any traction?

If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle. -Hillary Clinton

I have talked to several people the last couple months about the election, people from different races and countries. It amazed me at how passionate everyone is about this Decision 2016. I am sure that I will be having a few conversations over the next few days about the results. I would like to believe that a Clinton win would mean a more relaxed news cycle in 2017, but I am sure she has some skeletons that will topple out of the closet.

Respectfully if one were to practice partisan politics, Senior positions in the White House would be given to Green Party Dr. Jill Stein, and Libertarian Gary Johnson. I would include Donald Trump but……. ummmm…….

Wait… Could you imagine Donald Trump as Secretary of State Under Clinton??

November 8th has come, and gone. Hillary Clinton has secured the win, and I am likely to be sued for writing this because Donald Trump will think it is a disaster. Now to see what the next couple months bring.



There are tons of people who make New Year Resolutions. In fact, I would be bold to say: If you have not made one this go around, than you probably have at least once before. I have been told (more than) once, that goals are necessary and beneficial to a happy and successful life. Bullshit?

Unfortunately, most resolutions don’t stick. I imagine that gyms and most fitness clubs love this time of year, they probably make a killing of memberships that never get used.

In May this year, 2016 – I finally managed to quit smoking. I told myself at the time it was part of a three-part plan. Quit Smoking, Eat Better, and get Fitter. (is fitter a real word?) Quitting smoking was especially challenging, the time frame I chose sucked! it was on day three of my quit that Ft. McMurray, Alberta seriously went up in flames. I spend a lot of time in McMurray both before, during, and after the beast rolled through. Talk about testing your will power. One could argue that although I was not smoking cigarettes, I was getting plenty of wildfire smoke….

Where was I going with this? ….Oh yeah…

With the smoking habit in the can, part one of my three-part plan is complete. Two and three can start any time… I guess… Maybe next year!

My 2016 2017 New Year Resolutions:

resolution |ˌrezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n|
1.) a firm decision to do or not to do something: he kept his resolution not to eat cake everyday | a New Year’s resolution.

1) The year two thousand and seventeen will bring the introduction of the “Solitary Diet”. Have you never heard of it? It is like the Atkins, or Mediterranean diets. Except for one little difference: It is not like them at all. I will write all about the solitary diet later… Hopefully, I guess that will depend on how number two goes…

2) I will make a more serious and educated attempt at writing and publishing here at least once a year month week. (Haha yeah right) I started this “blog” in 2006, had I not deleted it, and rebuilt it several times. I may have something to show for it.

When I started online publishing, blogging was the new buzz. A work colleague introduced me to this platform, I was rather amused and inspired by the short stories he was publishing. but alas it seems as though it was just a fad, an on and off again relationship if you will. I miss it somewhat. Perhaps I can make another reasonable go at it.

3) Valdamere Putin needs to get a run for his money. I want to get buff, take off my shirt and ride a horse. Not only am I going to do the above mentioned, I will tweet about it!!

4) There is a four, but it is none of your business. (that’s rude) I’m sorry, I did not mean it. but I am still not going to tell you. (Maybe in my 2018 publication)

Christmas is over, Boxing day is wrapped up, and as you are reading this, I am probably rolling down a mountain as a result of my failed attempt at skiing. (I’ve never done it before, maybe I’m amazing) It is an adventure I am taking with my family, and regardless of my skill level… Hanging out with them, I am sure I am having a great time. I’m sure they are not giving me a hard time cause I suck!

Happy New year!

Happy Halloween

This halloween, make sure to raise a little hell…

On November 8th, it may be that the gates of Hell open right up and turn the world upside down. So it maybe makes sense that you get to raise a little hell on October 31st. Do you think Donald Trump is going to pull off the win next week?

On the Other hand, People are also nervous about a Hillary Clinton West Wing. Does deleting 3500+ emails make you a bad person?

There is only a little over a week left. Soon, The world could become a much, much different place. It is not just the Good Ol’ USA that will feel the effects. the entire world feels the results of the Presidential elections. This one maybe more so than ever.

Pauley Perrette – a women whom I respect as one of the few decent humans left on this earth was even forced to comment about this election on twitter…


Hold your breath, we are only a week away from finding out what comes next…..

Twenty Sixteen

2016 – Is this the year that the history books will write… “it is not entirely sure what the fuck happened here, it is like the entire planet went bloody nuts!”

Donald Trump is on patch to become the next U.S. President. Unless of course, something comes out that will seriously knock him off the path. Do you think it is possible he was ever had sex with a goat? and somebody managed to get a picture of it?

Canada is not on a better footing by any means. Justin Trudeau uh seems to be uh getting some uh negative um press these uh days. But I must hand it to him, not every prime Minister gets to elbow a MP in the boob. Tell me, does that count as assault and sexual harassment?

2016 will also be remembered as the year Alberta burned to the ground. “the Beast” burned parts of Fort McMurray and managed to shut down the oil sands. But it will also be known as the fire that helped end the recession of the time. The fire has already helped raise the global price of oil. Although people at the moment are out of a home and out of work, that will soon come to an end. Jobs have already been created for clean up, restoration, and rebuilding. It is my opinion that that fire (as absolutely terrible as it is) will tremendously help Canada economy.

It is only May, I think we have a hell of a long way to go yet.

Russia seems to be up to something, the ‘buzzing’ of U.S. Ships are becoming frequent news. Perhaps the Russians see an opportunity to become the world leader?

RAND PAUL… The Next American President?

I am a Canadian,  So really, I have no business what-so-ever writing this post.  But I am here to tell you people… Rand Paul is going to win the 2016 presidential election…. Sorry Hillary.

Paul has predicted that the Clinton campaign is going to be hit with a looming scandal, YES, another one! So in essence he is forecasting her bow out early.  leaving the door wide open for the “Washington Machine” train to pick up more steam.

We will have to wait for the media gods to break light into any scandal Hillary has (had) brewing.

Now why do I think that Rand Paul is going to sit the thrown in the oval office?  I have many reasons…

First, He is a Republican, you may take that anyway you like… But I from this outsider looking in, I

think that people are sick of Demarcates, for now anyway.   People absolutely hated George Bush (also a republican) but never-the-less he was elected for a second term because for whatever reason,  Amaricans wanted a tuff republican to clean op the Iraq and Terror mess.

Second, the very cleaver ‘Washington Machine’ If you have missed Rand’s announcement speech, It was all about the Washington Machine. (Does Samsung make that too?) people these days are getting very sick and tire of government oversight and other controls. Put simply… People want there American Freedom back.  In fact I think that may even be in the slogan somewhere….land of the free…   Rand Paul has many promises that he is going to build on, and the main thing I think people are going to hinge on is government oversight and what (he) is going to be doing about it.  Although everyone really knew anyway, Edward Sonwden highlighted all kinds of things that made a lot of people uneasy.

Third through eighth, all of the promises he has made on “opening day” Including Spending and Debt, Term Limits, Taxes, Health Care, and………..

Second Amendment Rights – The right to bear arms. (and that is also why I think electing him president is a terrible idea! Good thing I am Canadian and can’t screw up the voting system! LOL  )

I think Rand Paul is going to get elected because he is coming in with everything the American people want to hear, everything that a politician should be saying.  He is even taking shots at his own party,  and if somehow the republicans can ignore that fact and give him the nomination…. 2017 is going to start off with a hell of a overhaul.