Law and Order – The Kavanaugh Mess

Bruce MacKinnon/The Chronicle Herald/Canadian Press

When you have sworn testimony from two opposing parties that is clearly polar opposites…. It can be a dauntingly difficult task deciding who is being truthful and who is not.

Brett Kavanaugh is swearing that he did not commit the horrible invasions that Christine Blasey Ford is accusing him of.

But here is the problem -Ford’s accusations are in the realm of possible.

There are two ways I see this:

If Ford is telling the truth, then she deserves closure on the matter. Kavanaugh does not deserve any seat on the bench and should be stripped of his gavel.


If Kavanaugh is telling the truth – His entire life has been smeared by the accusations of sexual assault, that is something that will follow him for the rest of his life and possibly long after.

Hopefully the FBI and Senate find the correct answers.


North Korea Goes Bold

In the coming days, North Korea, lead by the mentally unstable Kim Jong Un – has said he may fire four missiles at the United States Territory of Guam.

I’m not sure how he does not understand the United States Military has undoubtedly planned for that scenario well before Trump.

President Trump is completely right with one thing… it’s time North Korea is stopped from being a global threat.

Undoubtedly, when North Korea fires those missiles, they will be intercepted and destroyed. The United States will then have complete justification to kick Jong Un’s ass.