Highway 77

(C) Solitary Views 2018

I always seem to find myself the most comfortable in the middle of nowhere. I do love nature.

I took the above picture today, it’s on highway 77 between Fort Nelson and Fort Liard, In British Columbia.

I took the below picture in 2015, from roughly the same spot and direction. The difference… besides summer and winter… they replaced the bridge.

The old bridge was made mostly of wood and was single lane, apparently it had been there since the late 30’s.

Also had a bit of artwork… that’s gone now too. (Maybe for the best)

The new bridge is far more safe, but I do miss the old adventure crossing and the history.



My father, who passed away in the year 1993, would have turned 77 years old this year. Today in fact, December 5th 1940.   Happy Birthday Dad.Balloons21.jpg

24 years have gone by…

When I thought about this last week, I was drawn to think about what a different time that was. What a different world he would have been born into.  All the changes he would have seen from 1940 to 1993… From Cars to Tube TV’s and everything in-between.

I was young in 1993 but I remember the bag car phone and the electric typewriter being top of the line technology.  (Those older may disagree with my assessment.)

In 1940, World War II was well underway.  Adolf Hitler was running amuck compensating for his tiny little wiener.   President Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States.   William Mackenzie King was the 10th Prime Minister of Canada.  And Winston Churchill was named the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in May of that year. There was even a king in England, King George VI.

Dad would have entered into his “teen” years in the 50’s.  Rock-and-roll really took off in the mid-50’s. Dad loved his music, always had a great time playing his guitar for others. I can picture him and his group of friends spending hours listening to the new tunes of the era.

image2 dad

Adulthood would have come in the 60’s, what better era to be 20-something? I’m not even going to begin speculating what sort of fun he would have been having then.

30-something in the 70’s, I’m thinking that was the era Dad starting taking his music seriously.  his life would undoubtably be defined by his Guitar and his song book.   When I was born in the 80’s, some of the earliest memories I have of him encompass music and song.  he was good at it.  I still have newspaper clippings of advertisements for him playing in different locations around Western Canada.

When you play in a bar, you best know how to read the crowd, and if your doing something they don’t like, you best know how to turn it around real fast.  I have no doubt he mastered that skill.

When my Father was born onto this earth, it was a terrible time for many people.  But in a hospital in Calgary Canada, he would have created smiles and joy and brought some light into a vastly confusing world.

Dad would go on to lead a full life, full of many adventure and tests.  Unfortunately it was ended too soon at the age of 52.   In the pictures I have uncovered, it looks like he had a decent amount of fun, I can take some small comfort in this.

I wonder what he would think of todays world?

Happy Birthday Dad!

December 5 1940 – October 19 1993

Out of Order: Canadian Government

I have a funny feeling the word is heading in a direction that will have future generations reviewing the history of “the great uprising” in their classrooms. Only time can determine greatness in history and truly know if it was for better or for worse.

In Canada Justin Trudeau leads the country with what I believe is his secret agenda in toe. He’s bucking for a future with the United Nations and a Nobel peace prize. All on the Canadian tax payer dime.

Although I admit, I was sick of Stephen Harper and his cloak and dagger methods, he was a lot better for this country than Trudeau. (Did you know Harper hid in a closet when the parliament building was attacked?) Stephen Harper was no fan of public appearances and ran the government from behind a closed door for years. Sometimes I found it hard to recall what he looked like. I did not like not hearing from my Prime Minister.

I think the federal Progressive Conservative party set up Trudeau for the win. Almost every ad they ran during that election mentioned Justin Trudeau’s name, complimented his hair, and stated he was just not ready. Whoever was in charge of the commercials on the Harper campaign failed miserably. They were right though… He wasn’t ready.

All the guy really does is spend money and party.

Most of the Canadian proveniences seem to want to fuck themselves these days too. Hungry for change so the elect a party whom doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to govern.

All that hunger for change is starting to unravel, and I think it’s only a matter of time before the people just snap and take there county back.

I agree that these people were fairly elected and have every right to their term. But the governments of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and the Canadian government as a whole, are seriously fucking shit up. Pipelines are being rejected, oil and gas are being stonewalled. The entire Canada pension plan is being spent in other countries at the cost of the Canadian citizens.

Hopefully the next elections return the chaos to Prosperity. The next governments are going to have a hell of a mess to clean up.