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Charlie Hebdo

If you live outside of Paris, You may not have seen some of the cartoons that caused the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine. Muslim Islamic terrorists killed 12 people. These are a few cartoons that got the publication (and possibly myself now) in trouble.

I believe in freedoms – the freedom of speech, however, most people fail to understand that in this day and age freedom of speech comes with consequences.

I believe that all religions are valid, but I think that nobody has the right to force a religion on someone else. I also believe that no religion has the right to kill.

I believe that the Muslim religion is valid, but Muslim extremists give it a bad name. and those that kill in the name of religion have no jest God.   I have decided to share the cartoons below, not as an insult to the Muslim people, but to highlight Muslim Extremists and the twisted world they are amassing.

The cartoons you see below were published by Charlie Hebdo, and not created by Solitary Views.