Whiskey. — Please.

I’ve always looked at Whiskey as one of the simplest and aficionados drinks. Whiskey is a really good thinking and problem solving beverage. It seems reasonable to assume that many of the worlds defining moments started with a couple people having a whisky. Or rum.

It a few years, “The Beast Fire Whiskey” will go onsale. basically, when Fort McMurray was burning to the ground, a Whiskey facility had many gallons sitting in wooden barrels. they got over-whelmed with smoke and it sat in a smoke filled room for weeks. Legend has it the barrels absorbed the flavour of the burning forest. Sure to be a fine collectors item if one could obtain a bottle. I believe they are set to auction them.

I do enjoy a good whisky and water on ice, but there is something I enjoy just a little more. 🥃

Grand Marnier – two fingers straight up with a water chaser. In a light glass. That is my whisky.

You do need to pay careful attention to the dosage, naturally – too much will turn you into a bumbling retard, but not enough will just leave you as plain and boring as you know you are. But if you find the right amount you can become the perfect person that is both pleasing and refreshing in the eyes of everyone around.

Almost nothing beats a comfortable deck, a think cigar, and a bottle of the orange nectar. Work in a two drink blowjob and you are absolutely set!

I have heard people say that you are an alcoholic if you drink alone, I firmly disagree. I work a crew camp life, so on my week home I firmly enjoy playing some good music and sitting by myself with the bottle. Have you ever drank and Amazoned??

Little by little, I will confess more and more…