There are tons of people who make New Year Resolutions. In fact, I would be bold to say: If you have not made one this go around, than you probably have at least once before. I have been told (more than) once, that goals are necessary and beneficial to a happy and successful life. Bullshit?

Unfortunately, most resolutions don’t stick. I imagine that gyms and most fitness clubs love this time of year, they probably make a killing of memberships that never get used.

In May this year, 2016 – I finally managed to quit smoking. I told myself at the time it was part of a three-part plan. Quit Smoking, Eat Better, and get Fitter. (is fitter a real word?) Quitting smoking was especially challenging, the time frame I chose sucked! it was on day three of my quit that Ft. McMurray, Alberta seriously went up in flames. I spend a lot of time in McMurray both before, during, and after the beast rolled through. Talk about testing your will power. One could argue that although I was not smoking cigarettes, I was getting plenty of wildfire smoke….

Where was I going with this? ….Oh yeah…

With the smoking habit in the can, part one of my three-part plan is complete. Two and three can start any time… I guess… Maybe next year!

My 2016 2017 New Year Resolutions:

resolution |ˌrezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n|
1.) a firm decision to do or not to do something: he kept his resolution not to eat cake everyday | a New Year’s resolution.

1) The year two thousand and seventeen will bring the introduction of the “Solitary Diet”. Have you never heard of it? It is like the Atkins, or Mediterranean diets. Except for one little difference: It is not like them at all. I will write all about the solitary diet later… Hopefully, I guess that will depend on how number two goes…

2) I will make a more serious and educated attempt at writing and publishing here at least once a year month week. (Haha yeah right) I started this “blog” in 2006, had I not deleted it, and rebuilt it several times. I may have something to show for it.

When I started online publishing, blogging was the new buzz. A work colleague introduced me to this platform, I was rather amused and inspired by the short stories he was publishing. but alas it seems as though it was just a fad, an on and off again relationship if you will. I miss it somewhat. Perhaps I can make another reasonable go at it.

3) Valdamere Putin needs to get a run for his money. I want to get buff, take off my shirt and ride a horse. Not only am I going to do the above mentioned, I will tweet about it!!

4) There is a four, but it is none of your business. (that’s rude) I’m sorry, I did not mean it. but I am still not going to tell you. (Maybe in my 2018 publication)

Christmas is over, Boxing day is wrapped up, and as you are reading this, I am probably rolling down a mountain as a result of my failed attempt at skiing. (I’ve never done it before, maybe I’m amazing) It is an adventure I am taking with my family, and regardless of my skill level… Hanging out with them, I am sure I am having a great time. I’m sure they are not giving me a hard time cause I suck!

Happy New year!


A Very Strange Christmas

What do you get when you put Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton…
 in a room with Vladimir Putin and David Cameron;
with an objective to solve the worlds problems at Christmas?