The Afterlife

Do you believe in ghosts?

Truthfully, I am not sure myself – I do however like to think that the people in my life that have passed are still able to look in from time to time.

During stressful times, I like to ask my dad for help and guidance, he passed away 26 years ago this month. I thank him after regardless of the turnout.

I have always wondered about what comes in the afterlife. Is there a heaven or hell? Does your mind or spirit ascend into energy and become a higher being? Are you simply gone? Is it even possible to get a firm answer on the subject?

I was sitting in A&W, at a table alone one day. This restaurant has been in the same spot for many years – my father and I would go here semi regularly and sit at the same table, over the years and post many renovations- that table has managed to stay in the same spot. I was having a rather complicated day and I thought I would go have lunch with him. In my head I asked for a sign to know he was still around… The power went out. Could it have been a coincidence? I did the same thing a few months later, and then again a few months after that. I got no similar signal.

On Halloween, or the day of the dead, it is a great time to have a pondering moment about the afterlife.

Because there is no correct answer, I would love to hear your thoughts on the dead and what could be next….


It is long past time for ISIS to be gone.

Somethings are long over due… I think it is time that NATO countries put down some boots and put ISIS to and end.

When good hard working people have to live in fear and looming doom, that in its self is a tragedy. When you can be killed for simply going out in public, that is a disgrace.

In London in recent weeks, many have had their lives changed forever. Many others have lost their lives all together. These people, only trying to have a good time and take in a concert, or visit the iconic London Bridge. This is just London, and this is just a couple weeks. Paris, United States, Canada, Russia, Iraq, Pakistan, siria and lots of other nations have been attacked, those citizens too unfairly targeted.

Terrorism is a nasty abuse of human power, one should never think they have the right to dictate beliefs or religious ideology. Everyone should have the right to be themselves and worship whichever God thy chose.

It is time to send the Worlds might down on top of terrorism. Swift steady motions, everyday until they have been eliminated once and for all.

My thoughts are with everyone that has had their lives disrupted by terrorism.

The Death of a God

God orders Abraham to kill Isaac as a burnt offering. Abraham shows his love for God by his willingness to murder his son. But finally, just before Isaac’s throat is slit, God provides a goat to kill instead
– via

Death has always been a large part of religion. In the catholic bible, the Old Testament was scrubbed over to create the new testament. In the Old Testament, things were a lot more dark then todays version.

Religions have changed over the years and yet they have stayed the same. Today, and in the past, Men and Women kill for the religion to which they serve. I argue this: No God should rule by fear and death, no jest God should instruct death and destruction to rise above. Nobody has a right to end a life aside from the person whom owns that life.

Deep Eh?

ISIS whom uses the Qur’an as the basis for killing and slaughtering, is not really doing anything different today than any other religion did centuries ago. Killing in the Name of Gods has gone on for as long as religion has existed.

That does not make it right by any means.

Qur’an – If you do this search on the internet, you will find many quotes. some are extreme and others are your standard worship thy God. but it all comes down to what your interpretation is in the end. Just like every religious text.

Heaven and Hell (or Good and Evil) have been at odds since the dawn of time. Nothing will ever change that. But they seem to really be the same thing. If you sit back and take a look at today, and think about all of the various religions out there… Can you really disagree?

There is written text that say do good…. and others that say do bad…. all in the same book, and again, it all comes down to how you see it in your own interoperation.

Religion (All of them) can be complicated. I have made the choice that Religion is not right for me. And since you seem to have to be labeled with something in todays society: Atheist is my tag.

Is that a problem? Perhaps it is dependent upon whom you ask.

If yo ask me, My Religion is the best. I learned from a young age to try and be a good person. Mother instilled that in me. Not a god. and that is all I need. I look after myself, but truth be know, I always think of others first. Trust me living like that is a real pain in the ass. I think I am getting off topic here…

Here is my point: Believe in what/whom you want. That is your right. Don’t you dare try and force another person to believe in what you do.