The Afterlife

Do you believe in ghosts?

Truthfully, I am not sure myself – I do however like to think that the people in my life that have passed are still able to look in from time to time.

During stressful times, I like to ask my dad for help and guidance, he passed away 26 years ago this month. I thank him after regardless of the turnout.

I have always wondered about what comes in the afterlife. Is there a heaven or hell? Does your mind or spirit ascend into energy and become a higher being? Are you simply gone? Is it even possible to get a firm answer on the subject?

I was sitting in A&W, at a table alone one day. This restaurant has been in the same spot for many years – my father and I would go here semi regularly and sit at the same table, over the years and post many renovations- that table has managed to stay in the same spot. I was having a rather complicated day and I thought I would go have lunch with him. In my head I asked for a sign to know he was still around… The power went out. Could it have been a coincidence? I did the same thing a few months later, and then again a few months after that. I got no similar signal.

On Halloween, or the day of the dead, it is a great time to have a pondering moment about the afterlife.

Because there is no correct answer, I would love to hear your thoughts on the dead and what could be next….


Something, Somewhere, Somehow

Not that I want to brag or anything… But….

Yes, I do.

Thanks to a combined effort orchestrated by my exceptional Mom and Wife, in February, I will get to experience something that has Incredible sentimental value to me…

Here’s why:

I was just a boy when I received the news that my Father had passed away from a heart attack. Of the memories that I have, I remember once when Dad was playing his twelve-string Gibson; he told me about how Garth Brooks was one of his favourite new country singers. I do not really recall which song it was, but he played (what he told me was) a Garth tune next. I thought it was pretty good. Dad was a very talented singer, he just played the guitar and sang. The only other song I remember Dad singing was about a dog in a window. haha

As memory serves, the next time I heard Garth Brooks music was at Dad’s funeral. If Tomorrow Never Comes, and The Dance. It was years before I could listen to those two songs again. Truth-be-told, I still have problems with those two today.

I think that It speaks to the power of music, not necessarily just Garth Brooks, any artist really. Well written music, vocals, especially when well delivered. Song has the power to move you back in the timeline. Good or bad, you can be transferred somewhere else for a short period of time. Tell me I am wrong… Tell me that you do not have at least one song that somehow brings you somewhere and makes you feel something special to you.

Fast Forward to 2016…

I actually had no idea that Garth Brooks had made any sort of a comeback in recent years. Not a damn clue until I was listening to something on SiriusXM, and heard a commercial for the “Garth Channel” on 55. It was a couple days after listening to that on-and-off that I learned he had released the new album called Gunslinger in November 2016. Certainly had no idea that he was named CMA artist of the year 2016.

I understand Keith Urban did come close, Garth even voted for him.

Bloody cave I live in.

After dabbling in country music the last few months, I was reminded about the greats and classic country artists. a few that come to mind.

George Strait; I got a Car.
Merle Haggard; Mama Tried.
Randy Travis; Three Wooden Crosses.

Story Songs.

If you listen to those songs, they will tell you a story. It’s funny that I really did not pay much attention to music in general until recently. It is even funnier that I am leaning toward music from a simpler era. I find it much more peaceful than some of the laboured music you hear today. Don’t get me wrong, I put on hit’s1 in my truck once and a while and listen to top 40 also, but it feels like the art of music may be getting lost in the complexities of todays world.

Back to Brooks… I look forward to the concert, and equally look forward to introducing my Son to the good ol’ music. I’m also glad that my lovely wife is going to accompany me!

Great Christmas Present.

A Good Man Lost

A friend of mine, whom i have worked with for the past two years, passed away suddenly earlier this week.  He was a good man, and could always lift a room up regardless of the environment.

We were having a chat a couple weeks ago, and all of a sudden he started giggling.  When I asked what was so funny, he came back with this joke: 

Two old age pensioners are having a 69. 

After five minutes he says, “Sorry, love, the smell’s too bad down there – I can’t carry on.” 

“That’ll be my arthritis,” she says. 

“What? I never heard of anyone having arthritis in their fanny before.” 

“No,” she says. “It’s in my arms and hands… I can’t wipe me arse.”

Courtesy of

You will be missed my friend,  I hope you have found some rest.