Law and Order – The Kavanaugh Mess

Bruce MacKinnon/The Chronicle Herald/Canadian Press

When you have sworn testimony from two opposing parties that is clearly polar opposites…. It can be a dauntingly difficult task deciding who is being truthful and who is not.

Brett Kavanaugh is swearing that he did not commit the horrible invasions that Christine Blasey Ford is accusing him of.

But here is the problem -Ford’s accusations are in the realm of possible.

There are two ways I see this:

If Ford is telling the truth, then she deserves closure on the matter. Kavanaugh does not deserve any seat on the bench and should be stripped of his gavel.


If Kavanaugh is telling the truth – His entire life has been smeared by the accusations of sexual assault, that is something that will follow him for the rest of his life and possibly long after.

Hopefully the FBI and Senate find the correct answers.


Umm, Hello…

A fresh start is never a bad thing.  A fresh start is exactly what this is!

alone blue dawn dock
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The original Solitary Views was started way back in 2006 – when the blog scene really started to blossom.  Back then, the blog was hosted on Blogger before it was owned by the internet giant Google.  Solitary Views was a concept that I had a hard time letting go, yet a concept that I never really fully understood.

The website suffered probably hundreds of design changes from myself and probably a dozen or more scrub, wash, and restarts. Perhaps it was a testament of my inconsistencies, It was something I could never be satisfied with no matter how I tried.

In the beginning it was therapy for me being able to speak my mind and have a place to publish.  In it’s end it was ultimately abandoned but hard to let go of.   When I pulled the final pin on Solitary Views, I felt a void – something was missing…

Even though I am not the best or most reliable writer. I feel comforted knowing I have a place on the internet that is mine. A place that allows me to communicate directly in a purely raw and genuine format. There are many directions that I want to take this new place….

I will spend some time explaining the new name later.

It’s doubtful anyone is reading this yet, starting from scratch means no readers! That is something I will hopefully build over time…

Cheers to a new beginning.


It was an unthinkable tradigety that occurred on April 6 2018.  16 people loosing their lives and 14 more lives changed forever.   As I learned of the tragedy I was legitimately at a loss for words.   Everyday I continue to hold those people and families in my thoughts.


There is a Go Fund Me page set up to support the families, clicking the link will take you there.

It is comforting to see so many people band together in support.


U.S. President Donald Trump Hosts Law Enforcement Round Table On MS-13
WASHINGTON, D.C. – FEBRUARY 6: (AFP-OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump hosts a law enforcement round table on MS-13 at the White House on February 6, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)

He can’t possibly have much time left as the President of the United States of America …. Can he? well… Actually I am betting he finishes out his term.  And makes a hell of a run at a second.

Stormy Daniels is going to make a lot of chaos soon, like she’s not already! There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump did have a romp or two with her.   If he did step out and say that he did not, he would pull a Bill Clinton, best to just try and weather this storm.  Melania Trump must be pissed!!

I have heard speculation that Stormy has had affairs with other celebrities, I have no

Stephanie Gregory Clifford

doubt about that either.  does make you wonder whom they may be though…

Guess what else is crossing my mind?  If Donald Trump had so many skeletons in his penthouse walk-in closet, why in the hell would he run for president.  How could he possibly think that those skeletons would never fall out of there?

He tweeted today that DACA was going to officially end. 

That is a controversial subject that would have been better left in the hands of the Congress and senate.  Further proof that the guy really does his own thing and listens to nobody.


Put your pipe where?

Somebody made the mistake of asking me what I thought about pipelines and oil the other day.   My answer? “People just like something to bitch about, more then half of those opposed to building pipelines to move oil have no idea what they are bitching about.”

Kinder-Morgan_photo-by-Mark-KlotzHow can you possibly come to the conclusion that pipelines are bad for the environment when the alternative is moving it by truck, train, and barge?  All of those other options burn diesel is mass quantities by the way.  Is that better for the environment?

Yes, the crew is going to come in and dig a trench, they are going to connect chunks of pipe, and then they are going to refill the trench.  Soon after, a reclamation team is going to come and ensure clean up is complete and plant some grass.  Then there will be no more pipeline to look at.

The new age of technology brings computer monitoring to the pipe as well, meaning if there is a break or failure, the sensors will close valves and try and mitigate the situation.  I will admit that similar systems have failed in the past, but every failure brings refined systems and policies. How many tanker trucks have hit the ditch spilling their load?

Today.  Right Now. This entire planet relies on oil, gas, coal, etc.  That is not going to GettyImages-930208830-810x445-1520890773change tomorrow, or possibly in your lifetime.  I do believe that the world needs to shift its focus to renewable energy.  I believe that is necessary to give our great grand kids a planetary fighting chance.  But not today, we are not ready yet and we have not made the right plans to achieve that any time soon.   The world leaders really should start making those long term plans…

Building the Keystone XL and Trans Mountain pipelines is essential to cleaning up the world and making this country a greener and cleaner place.   Simply put, as I said above, the pipeline will eliminate the need to truck it or run it by rail.


I don’t recall much bitching about the pipes that bring water or natural gas to the protesters houses, nor the pipe that removes sewage from it… weird…