Can you believe how far technology has advanced our planet? I mean, Really think about it… We have grown rapidly since the Y2K fiasco.  The iPhone will celebrate its 10th birthday this year.  I think back fifteen or twenty years, I remember when I got my first flip phone, It was a small grey LG something with a green screen.  Remember T9 texting? I also remember (maybe 2004¹) getting my first blackberry, it came with this BB PIN that wordpress_vs_bloggernobody would know what to do with for a few years to come. 

Today 79 percent² of the world is reachable in a matter of seconds or minutes.  If I’m hungry, I can use an app and order pizza and pop, I do not even need to leave my living room.  If I need a TV channel changed, I can call my kid and tell him to come do it for me. Anything happening around me can be captured in a photo in a matter of seconds, and I will have that photo to reflect on immediately, no need to wait for film to be developed³.  I can even send it to you!   It does not matter what platform you chose.. Apple, Microsoft, Android,  Blackberry, or some other weird shit….. you ultimately have access to the same information that everyone else has, you are now on a level playing field and the most powerful CEO on the planet… it all depends on how you access and use it.

The internet machine opens doors of opinion and stories, real and fake news, trolls, and charity.  When you have the power of the internet, you have the power of the universe in your hands.  You must choose how to interact with it.  You can be a prick and troll and egg on everyone you come across.  You can steal from people (we hope you wouldn’t). You can save people by donating or contributing to a cause. Or, you can pass on your massive knowledge on a form, or even create a how-to YouTube video.

Whether you are reading this via email subscription, you have just stumbled upon this site for the first time, or you have found me here from my .net site, I owe you a Donald Trump Huge THANK YOU.  You have taken the time to read some of the things that I have to say, you have allowed me to rant or vent. I am grateful for every persons time spent reading, or leave a comment, share, or F-off.

You have found us here because we have finally made the switch from the google platform to the word press platform.  Have a look around and tell me what you think. Since you are kind enough to be here, leave me your info below so that I can return the favour™.


¹No research was even attempted prior to writing this.
²Statistics are completely made up,
³Developing film would have been the best job ever!
Favour™ The “u” is a Canadian thing.  We put “u’s” in everything.

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